Ernst Gamperl

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Ernst Gamperl


Ernst Gamperl {German b.1965}

The Houghton Oak Project - curated by Anthony Slayter-Ralph

on view, Houghton Hall, August 7- September 25, 2022

For the Houghton Oak Project, Gamperl used the trunk of a dying oak from Houghton park, which was felled and transported back to Bavaria in the winter of 2018. The tree was 310 years old, thus a few years older than the present Hall , begun by Sir Robert Walpole in 1722. Over a four year period, Gamperl used the trunk to create twenty-one vessels.

The tree has now returned to Houghton, thanks to Ernst Gamperl, to continue its presence in a different form and to celebrate the 300 year anniversary of Houghton Hall